How To Edit Blog Theme HTML Code Using Mobile Phone

Sometimes you just find yourself looking for a way to edit your blog theme code using your phone. Probably at that time, you are not with your Computer System. And then you realized that most app that are claimed to be designed for this purpose failed to satisfy your need.

Have you ever tried editing your blog theme using the Blogger platform website with your phone?. Then, I'm sure you would have felt like... you know, it is not easy at all because the website is not designed for mobile. It takes time to load your theme code and you can't even search for a certain text inside the code as you used to do on your System. Must have been a headache. Isn't it?.

The aim of this tutorial is to introduce you to some useful apps that can be used to edit your blog theme code easily. These apps are easy to download and easier to play with. With these apps, you are going to save the stress to always carry your System with you everywhere you go. Now, you just have to follow along through this tutorial.

Editing your blog theme code using your phone involves three steps;
  1. You must first download and save your blog theme HTML file to your phone. Make sure to note the folder you downloaded the file in.
  2. And then you will be using the apps I will be introducing shortly to edit the code in offline mode.
  3. Save the changes made and then Upload the theme to your blog to apply the changes.

How To Save Your Blog Theme HTML File To Your Phone In Blogger

  • Go to your blogger dashboard by clicking here.
  • Click Theme from the left MENU list.
  • Click Backup/Restore at top right of the page.
  • Click Download theme from the pop-up window.
  • And click OK to save it to your phone.
Please note the download path. And don't forget to make a backup(copy) of the file to another folder on your phone using any file manager app.

How To Edit The HTML File

The first app I am going to introduce is AnWriter. AnWriter is an android app designed for programmer to write codes. There are free and paid versions of this app. This app features great tools for editing HTML codes which includes:
  • Easy copy, paste and typing of HTML codes.
  • Change font size to your liking.
  • Coloured text for HTML tags and attributes.
  • Search and replace – search for a certain text and replace all the occurrence of the text in your code with one click.
  • The paid version features suggestion and auto completion of HTML tags.

How To Start Using AnWriter To Edit Your Blog Theme

  • Download AnWriter free version by clicking here.
  • Install and launch the app.
  • Click the folder icon in the action MENU.
  • Select the downloaded theme HTML file – it has .xml extension.
  • Start editing your code once the app finished loading the HTML file.
  • Once you're done, click the Save button in the action MENU.
Other apps you can use to edit your blog theme HTML code;

How To Upload The HTML File To Your Blog

  • Go to your blogger dashboard by clicking here.
  • Click Theme from the left MENU list.
  • Click Backup/Restore at the top right of the page.
  • Click Choose File from the pop-up window.
  • Go to the folder you downloaded the file in first step and Select the edited HTML file.
  • Click Upload from the pop-up window.

If your theme was well formed (i.e contains no technical error), you will get a message that your changes were applied successfully. If however your theme was not well formed, you will get an error message right on the pop-up window. You can just go back to your theme and ensure you make correct changes or you can remove the changes and retry uploading the theme file to your blog.

Changes made to your theme can sometimes affect some part of your blog if applied incorrectly or the change itself may not work properly. This can also happen as a result of mistakenly typing some text in an undesired area in your theme and which you may not have noticed. If you were able to fix this error, you are good to go. Else, you can just upload the backup file(of the theme) you created in the first step.

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