Latest Amazing Offers; 4.6GB For ₦200 And How To Flash With ZERO Balance

I think this year is to be called the year of promo with the network providers in Nigeria unleashing various amazing offers. Airtel Nigeria is also taking part in this promotion and they have been unleashing some interesting bonus offers which we are going to discuss here.

How To Get The Link To An App On Google Play Store

For a blog writer, it may be required sometimes to share an app with your audience by providing the direct link to download the app on Google Play Store. You may not possibly be able to get the link through your search engine. If you are very curious on how to get the link to an app on Google play store, then you may need to follow along through this tutorial.

How To Download Asian Drama/Movies For Free

Are you a K-drama addict?. Do you love watching any of the Asian dramas?. And do you wish you could be able to download those dramas/movies for free!?.

There are many websites out there where you can stream any of the Asian dramas/movies online but most of them do not allow these videos to be downloadable. Some that allow might also require users to subscribe to the website and which is not normally free. 

Today, I will be introducing some websites and an Android app that can be used to stream any of the Asian dramas and movies online and also download them to your computer or phone.

How To Edit Blog Theme HTML Code Using Mobile Phone

Sometimes you just find yourself looking for a way to edit your blog theme code using your phone. Probably at that time, you are not with your Computer System. And then you realized that most app that are claimed to be designed for this purpose failed to satisfy your need.

Have you ever tried editing your blog theme using the Blogger platform website with your phone?. Then, I'm sure you would have felt like... you know, it is not easy at all because the website is not designed for mobile. It takes time to load your theme code and you can't even search for a certain text inside the code as you used to do on your System. Must have been a headache. Isn't it?.

The aim of this tutorial is to introduce you to some useful apps that can be used to edit your blog theme code easily. These apps are easy to download and easier to play with. With these apps, you are going to save the stress to always carry your System with you everywhere you go. Now, you just have to follow along through this tutorial.

Name Changed: FoxxyTech Is Our New Name

Updated: Please note that our blog has been renamed to FoxxyTech and not NobleTech as mentioned in our previous post because the name has already been registered on another blogger account. Thanks for your understanding.

Hello VisitGet bloggers, I am writing this to inform you all that we have changed our name to FoxxyTech. From the time this blog was created till now, we have been trying our best to share helpful information to our blog readers. And we know that is why you love us. What are we without you?. Nothing. And this is the reason why you must be aware of this sudden change that has occurred.

I know you will agree with me that the name I chose at that time of creating this blog(i.e VisitGet) is not related to the type of contents I am sharing. This is not a travel blog. Is it?. That's my mistake anyway.

For this reason, I changed this blog name to FoxxyTech.
Note: We did not not change the domain, but only the NAME
Therefore, our new blog address is now: foxxytech.blogspot.comPlease visit this new link to continue enjoying our latest post. Thanks.

IpayAirtime — How To Easily Convert Airtime To Cash

Over the time, it has actually been hard to convert your airtime to cash because the service is not supported by the network providers in Nigeria. And that is why some third parties try to create a workaround for this service. But, most of them does not work efficiently and/or satisfactorily.

For a business man or even an individual, it may sometimes becomes very urgent or let me say important to convert your airtime to cash. A business man receiving or wanting to receive airtime as payment for some service will obviously want a way to convert this huge airtime into cash. Also, you might need some little cash to be transferred to your bank account so that you will be able to withdraw the bigger one.

Whichever way you have gone to get a load of airtime on your phone, it's a fact that the service I am going to introduce to you will definitely be of much benefits.

After I got paid for some services with airtimes, I have tried some way out to get this airtime as cash into my bank account. I found a way, and that is Zoranga. I even published a post on how to convert airtime using this service but I must confess that I am not really satisfied with their service. And now, I have come with another workaround which I think is much better than Zoranga. And that is IpayAirtime, powered by IBK Information Technology.

IpayAirtime seems to be the most efficient way to easily convert your airtime into cash and then withdraw it to your bank account. The service is surprisingly fast. I am telling you, you are definitely going to love it. Not just that, the charges is small when compared to other service out there.

Don't Miss The Date!!!. Jumia Shocking Discounts On Electronics

Jumia, the No. 1 Africa online shopping mall, is here again with great deals on all electronics appliances. Up to 60% off the original price from Sept. 17th to 30th. You can't imagine the savings.

MyMTN App — Get 500mb for FREE!!!

Hello, visitget explorer. It's been a while since I last posted on this blog. Well, due to some personal reasons. To get straight to the the point, I'm gonna show you today how you can get your own free 500mb from MTN.

Glo Unveil Revolution, The Cheapest Data Plan

The Grand Master of data, Glo Nigeria has unleashed the highest monthly data subscription value to be enjoyed by both new and existing customers. The data volume has now been increased for about 25%, which means you will enjoy 25% more data at the same price.

How To Activate 100% Data Bonus On MTN Without Tweaking IMEI Number

The main reason why most people look desperately for browsing cheat is because of high cost of data subscription or low data subscription value. And Glo, the Grand Master of Data, has their subscription value doubled that of other Networks in Nigeria. But, what is the essence of high data value with very poor network connectivity?. Some people would even preferred to go for MTN data subscription because of the fast browsing network connectivity while others would still go for Glo even with their poor network connection.