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IpayAirtime — How To Easily Convert Airtime To Cash

Over the time, it has actually been hard to convert your airtime to cash because the service is not supported by the network providers in Nigeria. And that is why some third parties try to create a workaround for this service. But, most of them does not work efficiently and/or satisfactorily.

For a business man or even an individual, it may sometimes becomes very urgent or let me say important to convert your airtime to cash. A business man receiving or wanting to receive airtime as payment for some service will obviously want a way to convert this huge airtime into cash. Also, you might need some little cash to be transferred to your bank account so that you will be able to withdraw the bigger one.

Whichever way you have gone to get a load of airtime on your phone, it's a fact that the service I am going to introduce to you will definitely be of much benefits.

After I got paid for some services with airtimes, I have tried some way out to get this airtime as cash into my bank account. I found a way, and that is Zoranga. I even published a post on how to convert airtime using this service but I must confess that I am not really satisfied with their service. And now, I have come with another workaround which I think is much better than Zoranga. And that is IpayAirtime, powered by IBK Information Technology.

IpayAirtime seems to be the most efficient way to easily convert your airtime into cash and then withdraw it to your bank account. The service is surprisingly fast. I am telling you, you are definitely going to love it. Not just that, the charges is small when compared to other service out there.

A New Way To Send And Request Money: Using Gmail On Android

Google Wallet has been integrated into Gmail on the web since 2013, but today Google is rolling out a new integration on mobile. Starting today, users of the Gmail app on Android will be able to send or request money with anyone, including those who don’t have a Gmail address, with just a tap.

The user experience has been designed to make exchanging money as easy as attaching a file, Google explains in its announcement. To access the new feature, you tap the attachment icon (the paperclip), then choose either send or request money, depending on your needs. A pop-up window appears where you can input the amount and add a note, and send.

The entire process takes place in the Gmail app — you don’t have to have Google Wallet installed. In addition, recipients can configure it so the money they receive through Gmail goes directly into their bank account.  There are no fees involved, notes Google.

The goal, seemingly, is to take on quick payment apps like PayPal, Venmo or Square Cash, by offering a feature to move money right within Gmail’s app. This could be useful for those times where the money is already a topic of an email conversation — like when you’re planning a trip with friends, or getting the family to go in together on a gift for your parents, for example.

But whether or not people would think to turn to Gmail for other uses, like splitting the dinner bill or paying friends back for drinks, is another matter.

These one-off use cases are still more easily managed in standalone payment apps, where you don’t have to face the clutter of a crowded inbox just to send a friend the few dollars you owe.

That said, Google is hardly alone in trying to expand the functionality of a communications app to include money exchanges. Snapchat offers the ability for friends to pay others via Snapcash, Facebook has a similar feature through Messenger and, outside the U.S., messaging app WeChat is becoming a mobile payment giant, to name a few examples. Messaging platforms, in some cases, also support third-party payment bots, like Messenger’s support for PayPal, Stripe, TransferWise and others.

Gmail isn’t really a messaging app, per se, but its email app is one of the most popular on the market, given that Gmail’s user base now eclipses that of Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL and others.

What is interesting is that it took this long to bring the functionality introduced in 2013 to mobile devices — and it’s only on Android, at launch. That indicates that Gmail’s money transfer feature was not likely heavily adopted, or there would have been more user demand for a mobile experience by now.

Google says the money exchange feature is live now in the U.S. on web and Android.

How To Upgrade Infinix Note 3 X601 and Note 3 Pro To Android 7.0 Nougat

Good news to the users of Infinix Note 3 and Note 3 Pro. The long awaited Android Nougat update has arrived for your phone. Now, you can either Install the update via TF Card or Flash with a PC.

How To Move Installed Apps From Phone Memory To SD card On Android Device

Have you been trying to move your Applications from phone memory to your SD card also known as MEMORY CARD? You might have used up your phone memory space and now needs room to store more files.

How To Remove Duplicate Contacts On iPhone And Android Devices

Having Duplicate Contacts can be sometimes annoying particularly when searching for a contact and later found out that the contact is more than one.

How To Use "Do Not Disturb" Feature On Android Device

Do you have any idea on how to use Do Not Disturb feature on your Android device? Yea! It is used to limit sounds or customize apps to be silent.

New Way To Factory Reset iPhone Without Password

Do you forgot your iPhone password or any other parts of the iPhone features that needs password? Yea! You can now factory reset your iPhone Without Using password.

How To Install APK With OBB Or Data File On Your Android Phone

Have you been trying to install your APK game that has OBB file on your Android Device? Yea! It is very easy and simple. OBB (opinary binary blob) is always created by Android developers in order to make the APK file function properly. OBB file contains Bundles of large assets like high quality graphics and many others.

So if you download any Apk game that has OBB or Data file with them, this tutorial will definitely help you to install the Apk and OBB file together in order for them to run on your Android Device.

It's preferable to download the OBB file of your game through your web browser than download it through the Apk file. Because if there is any problem while downloading the OBB file through the apk, you won't be able to resume your download. But if you are using a powerful Web browser to download the OBB file and a problem occurred, you will be able to resume the download at the break point. But know this, if you download your game data through the Apk file, the data files will be automatically installed in the game. Unlike downloading with your Web browser when you will have to manually install the OBB data for your game. Since any problem can occur during download, therefore I preferred downloading the OBB file with my Web browser.

Hide Any Files On Your Android Phone Without Using App

Today, i will be teaching you a simple trick which you can try on your Android phone. Though, it's not a new trick. I will be teaching you how to hide your photos, videos or any other files on your A

5 Ways To Keep Your Android Phone Secured

Security for Android phones and tablets has become a center of conversation after news outlets discovered just how easy it was to exploit certain loopholes. While the newest Android OS might have patched up some of the holes, not all phones can upgrade to it. What’s more, even the latest smartphones do not receive immediate updates, making millions of devices susceptible to hacks. Due to the amount of personal information stored on these phones, hackers have now shifted their interest from desktop attacks to mobile. While the well-known threats such as ransomware, phishing, malware and spam are still the same, smartphone users have to deal with a host of new threats like theft and unnecessary app permissions. So how can you keep yourself safe from these threats?

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Secure Your Phone With A Lock Screen

This might seem like common sense, yet the majority of smartphone users do not even have a PIN on their lock screen. Many people have confidence they will never lose their phone or that if they do, they can remotely wipe it. While it’s good to have a positive mindset, sometimes things happen that are out of your control. Something as simple as a PIN or other lock screen mechanisms can be an effective way to deter criminals from hacking your device should it be lost or stolen. Additionally, the functionality is already built into your phone.

Avoid Sideloading Apps

One of the reasons many people prefer Android over Apple is its open market. You can find apps outside of the Google Play store and install them on your phone. While this might sound convenient, especially if the app isn’t available on the store, it makes your phone that much more vulnerable. This is the main way many hackers gain access to a victim’s smartphone. They offer a pirated version of an app and then infect it with malware. Once downloaded, Android doesn’t check the app for any viruses or other concerning features. Even if you have security apps installed, many do not scan every app installed or monitor your Web traffic. Those that do come at a cost that is best avoided. The best thing to do is avoid sideloading apps altogether. However, if you really want access to Samsung or Amazon’s proprietary store, you will need to sideload it. In that case, only download apps from trusted sources.

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPNs aren’t just for desktops anymore. You can also take advantage of the service for your mobile device. In fact, it’s more important to use it for your smartphone as you will connect to more insecure networks than on your desktop or laptop. Consider how often you have connected to public WiFi. It is a great portal for hackers to gain access to your information, as public networks are not very secure. Using a VPN can encrypt your data to keep you anonymous from potential cyber criminals making your information difficult (if not impossible) to read if they intercept it.

Encrypt Your Phone

If you want to keep your information safe, the best thing to do is physically encrypt the data on your phone. This protects all of the data on your phone until you put in your decryption password. You don’t even need an app to do this either. Simply navigate to your security settings and turn on encryption. Before you decide to take this step keep in mind the following:
>>Full device encryption will slow down your performance.
>>While not noticeable on higher-end phones, it could pose a problem for those using budget phones.
>>You cannot undo encryption. If you want to turn it off, you will have to restore your phone to its factory settings.

Manage App Permissions

Whenever you download an app from Google Play, a pop-up window appears to show you what the app wants access to. Many people do not pay attention to these permissions. Taking that into consideration, it’s an important step to verify that the app does not require more access to your phone than necessary. Generally, most apps have a good reason to access certain facilities. A messaging app might want access to your camera and contacts so you can take pictures and send to your friends and family. A game might require your location to compete against other people in the area. With that said, if you can’t find a reason an app needs to access these facilities, then it’s a good idea not to install it. Ask yourself, does a currency converter need access to my contacts?

Android Marshmallow also gives you further control over app permissions. You can control what they can and cannot access even after you install it. Of course, the best way to keep your Android smartphone secure is to take the necessary personal precautions such as not downloading suspicious apps or clicking on potential spam sites and emails.

How do you keep your phone secure? Tell us in the comments below. Use the "share" button below to share this post on your social media.

How to Flash Custom ROM on Android Device

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ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) is an important tool, which is in just about every flashaholic’s phone  and today we’ll be talking about some of its useful features and how you can install it on your  Android device. ClockworkMod Recovery is a custom recovery for Android devices

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How To Convert Airtime To Cash; Earn Big With Zoto Latest Offer, Earn #500 On Recharge Of #50

Have you not been using Zoto Mobile Recharge App to earn airtime?. Did you know the latest bonus offer on Zoto?. With the offer, you can earn #500 on a recharge of #50 only. These offer is only for new users, and the validity of the offer

Save Your Android Phone Battery Life: How To Deprive System or non-system App Of Immunity

At this point, smartphones are prolific. We use them for calls, text messages, social networking, photos, quick searches, streaming music, watching videos… the list goes on. But each thing you do drains your battery life, and some apps will even continue to drain your battery in the background when you aren’t using them. A free app called Greenify can fix that. 

Greenify is a tool that lets you hibernate any application that runs in the background on your Android device so that it doesn’t use up your battery when you're not using it. By hibernating an app, what you're doing is basically putting it out of service while you're not actively using it. In other words, hibernated apps will be completely static(and not consuming battery power) as long as you don’t actively start them and bring them to the foreground. Greenify is a very useful app that will allow you to save a quite a bit of battery power. Plus, unlike other apps that let you 'kill off' apps, with Greenify you can easily and quickly go back to using them by simply starting them up. Greenify is one of the reasons why rooting your phone can save so much battery life. Greenify can boost battery life by an average of 2-4 hours simply by intelligently managing how apps run in the background. If you're rooted, Greenify will automatically hibernate apps you're not using to ensure they're not misbehaving in the background. This isn't possible on non-rooted phones, but Greenify now includes the ability to add a "hibernate all + lock screen" shortcut to your home screen. That way, when you're sticking your phone back in your pocket, you can just tap the hibernate shortcut and Greenify will manually hibernate all your chosen apps so they don't run in the background. It isn't quite as convenient, but if you don't want to root, it's a nice enough workaround. Rooting is pretty easy, so it's worth doing for apps like Greenify.

Click here to learn how to easily root your android phone.

Greenify saves you battery life by effectively and systematically pushing apps into a sort of “hibernation” mode—an idle state that keeps them from running in the background and draining your battery. “But that sounds like a task killer,” you may say, and you might be told not to use task killer app. That’s true, but Greenify is a little different. Not only will it stop an app from running, using Android’s built-in “Force Stop” mechanism, but it will also prevent that app from starting up again until you start it. It isn’t a blanket feature either, instead of just closing everything, you must first pick and choose the apps that you’d like to hibernate.  So contrary to the traditional “close everything” concept, you choose the list of apps you’d like to close, and everything else stays running as it always has.

Alright, now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get started. The first thing you’ll need to do is install the Greenify app. The app comes with a donation package that you have to purchase. But don't worry, there is a pro version of the app. You can find it by clicking here, please note that, with the pro version, the donation package is already installed, so, no need to purchase donation package. Also the app requires xposed installer to unlock some features.

After successful Installation of Greenify, download and install xposed installer, you can find it here. 

Steps to take after you have successfully downloaded and installed both apps;

>>Launch xposed installer, click "framework" then "ok".

>>Click "install/update". You will be prompted to restart your phone, please do so.

>>After Restart, your xposed framwork should be successfully installed, if it shows as seen in the screenshot below:

If not, it will show it like this, with the "red" text,

This means the xposed installer is not compatible with your device. You can install an older version of xposed installer by clicking here. Actually, this was the version that worked for me.

After successful download, install it. Follow the above steps to install the framework. After successful installation of xposed framwork, continue with the steps below;

>>Launch xposed installer again.

>>In the Menu, click "Modules".

>>Mark Greenify, then Restart your phone.

After restart, xposed features of Greenify would have been unlocked.

Note that: You have to grant root permissions to both apps, when it is prompted.

>>Now launch Greenify, click the "Menu" button.

>>Click "settings".

>>Select working mode and choose "boost".

>>Mark Quick App Notification: When an app opens, Greenify will show quick notification whether to hibernate or postpone hibernation. This will allow you to hibernate apps without launching Greenify.

>>Enable Greenify auto hibernation: Click "menu" then "enable auto hibernation". Then, Go to settings &gt>;accessibility.

>Greenify auto hibernation.

>Click the top right corner of your phone screen to turn it on.

For Greenify to function properly, you have to whitelist it in all the task killer app installed on your phone.

>>In Greenify, Click "menu" then "xposed based features" and mark the following;
---Block App State Abuse
---Deep Hibernation (alpha)
---Greenifying System App

>>Go back and Click the "+" button in the top right corner or below of your phone screen.

>>Click "show more apps" to view all your installed applications.

>>Mark the ones you would like to deprive of immunity, then click the "mark" button below on the screen. All the apps you marked will be added to hibernation lists.


DO NOT HIBERNATE SYSTEM CORE APPS. You can view them them through KingRoot or PURIFY app. Launch KingRoot or PURIFY, click "tools", then "uninstall tool" or "bloatware remover". Click "built-in" or "System App". Scroll down, and select "System core apps".

Back to Greenify,
>>Just click the hibernation, "zzz" button, below on your phone screen and all the apps will be deprived of immunity.

You can add the "hibernate + lock screen" to your home screen, by clicking "Menu", then click "create hibernation shortcut". This will keep your phone cleaned after screen locked.

If you found this article helpful, please comment below. You can share it with your friends through the "share" button below.

How To Easily Root Your Android Phone

KingRoot uses an advanced technology that allows you to root your phone and open it up to more possibilities. Since you are gaining root access, you have full administrative privileges in enhancing the way your phone looks and functions. 

In particular, you can install custom ROM to your Android device once you have rooted it. This modified and feature-rich version of the Android OS includes additional features, unique themes and tweaks that all account for enhanced mobile device performance. Cyanogen Mod, for instance, is among the popular custom ROMs available for rooted phones, which offers interesting features including lock screen gestures, DSP equalizer, CPU overclock and underclocking, and a complete theme engine along with its very own theme store. Another excellent custom ROM you can find is Paranoid Android, which offers UI customization, floating notifications and multitasking, gesture controls and hidden navigation PIE mode. Keep in mind, though, that it only supports a limited number of Android devices including Oppo, OnePlusOne and Google Nexus. By rooting your phone, you can use an unreleased version of Android without any limitations. Customization is only possible with rooted phones considering have certain restrictions in terms of the availability of these newer versions to mobile devices. Hence, by using KingRoot, you have an opportunity to make your device more personalized for an enhanced browsing and overall user experience.

Unique Features Of KingRoot: –

  • Most popular and most downloaded One-click root tool for android.
  • Also, the most trusted tool.
  • Supports highest number of devices than any other similar tools. KingRoot supports total of 104136 models. Other apps are not even close.
  • Frequently Updated: KingRoot is updated frequently to support new models and add different features to previous versions.
  • 98.2% Success rate: KingRoot has rooted 98.2% of the total devices that downloaded it and tried to root their device. This is the highest success rate on the industry.
  • Optimizes your phone in a smarter way.
  • Root defense: keep out system attack.
  • Uninstall tool: remove bloatware in one tap.
  • Game booster: releases RAM.
  • Accelerated charging: closes running apps during charging
  • Intelligent night cleaning: keep your phone in a pure state throughout the night.
Benefits Of Rooting Your Android Device:
A. Remove OR Uninstall Bloatware;
When you purchase an android device, it comes with a number of apps that you may need or maybe completely useless. They occupy a lot of storage in your device and cannot be uninstalled. These  apps are called Bloatware.  You cannot remove these apps in normal condition. This is the situation where you need to root your android. By removing Bloatware, you can save a lot of system memory which is crucial for any device. Moreover, these app may run on background and use your battery and RAM. So removing it may increase your battery life and make your device faster and more efficient by freeing more RAM.

B.  Block Ads On Your Device:
Whenever you play any game or use any app there will be annoying ads waiting for you that hamper your experience. Though these ads are the reason we are able to use hundreds of thousands of amazing free apps but there are many developers who are going too far. Many apps show intrusive ads and pop ups or ads on notification even when we are not using them which is very frustrating and sometimes they also install malware.

How to block ads on your android?;
Though KingRoot doesn’t have a direct way of blocking ads on your device, after you root your device you can easily block ads with the help of ad blockers available on the internet. Though there are many apps that will help you, the popular and most easiest tool is Lucky Patcher(direct download).

C. Block Autostart Apps;
You can block autostart of any app with an app called PURIFY. PURIFY is a new powerful Android app that help to speed up your android phone instantly and extend battery life at the same time by automatically terminating unused apps. Start optimizing your phones and devices safely with PURIFY speed booster & battery saver today. Works best with KingRoot rooted devices. Since PURIFY is KingRoot subordinate, you might be prompted to install it or you can launch KingRoot and click "Tools". You will find Purify, click it and you will be directed to download it.

How To Root With KingRoot;

  • Install the apk.
  • If your device displays “Installation Blocked” or something like this message, then go to Settings > Security > and there you can tick the “Unknown sources” box.

  • Now, open the app.
  • In the window it will show you “Start root”.
  • Tap on start root and wait some time. It takes time to root your device.
  • If your device is compatible, it will finish rooting after few minutes. If rooted successfully, you will see “rooted” screen which means you device has been successfully rooted.
  •  Congrats!!!!!! You can now enjoy all features of rooting your android.

To become more sure, you can download Root Checker app to Check if the Root is successful.

If you failed to root your phone with KingRoot, you can try FramaRoot, download it Here. It's tested and working with tecno android.

Steps to take after successful Download;

  1. You have to allow “Installations from Unknown sources” on your device’s settings. If you have already done it, tap on the downloaded app and install it.
  2. If you have downloaded on your PC, transfer to your android device first.
  3. Run framaroot apk 
Possible case once application is launched:
a. A popup saying:
“Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in Framaroot”.
In this case, you can uninstall app.

b. You see one or more exploit names: If you see multiple exploits, select one, and if it says same message as above try Next exploit.

If your device is supported, select Boromir or another character.

Possible case once exploit is selected:
a. “Success” – Superuser and su binary installed. You have to reboot your device.

b. “Failed” –  Exploit work but installation of Superuser and su binary have failed.

c. “Half-Success” –
"System partition is read-only, use local.prop trick. Reboot your device and use adb to see if it run as root”,
This happens when the file system in use on system partition is a read only file system.

d.”Failed” – Try another exploit if available.

e. Framaroot crash or freeze – in this case relaunch Framaroot a second time and select the same action and exploit.

6.Reboot your android device.

Congratulations!!!!! Root installed.

You are always welcome to share your experience or errors in our comment box. If you found this helpful, you can share on your social platform by clicking the "Share" button below.