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Latest Amazing Offers; 4.6GB For ₦200 And How To Flash With ZERO Balance

I think this year is to be called the year of promo with the network providers in Nigeria unleashing various amazing offers. Airtel Nigeria is also taking part in this promotion and they have been unleashing some interesting bonus offers which we are going to discuss here.

MyMTN App — Get 500mb for FREE!!!

Hello, visitget explorer. It's been a while since I last posted on this blog. Well, due to some personal reasons. To get straight to the the point, I'm gonna show you today how you can get your own free 500mb from MTN.

Glo Unveil Revolution, The Cheapest Data Plan

The Grand Master of data, Glo Nigeria has unleashed the highest monthly data subscription value to be enjoyed by both new and existing customers. The data volume has now been increased for about 25%, which means you will enjoy 25% more data at the same price.

How To Activate 100% Data Bonus On MTN Without Tweaking IMEI Number

The main reason why most people look desperately for browsing cheat is because of high cost of data subscription or low data subscription value. And Glo, the Grand Master of Data, has their subscription value doubled that of other Networks in Nigeria. But, what is the essence of high data value with very poor network connectivity?. Some people would even preferred to go for MTN data subscription because of the fast browsing network connectivity while others would still go for Glo even with their poor network connection.

Wow! Enjoy 8× Bonus On All Recharges Made On Your Glo Line

Glo Nigeria launches 8× bonus offer for their both new and existing prepaid subscribers. This kind of promo was previously introduced​ as Joliffic 600% bonus offer for only newly registered customers​ at the period of the bonus offer campaign. I am one of those users who registered a new Glo line at that time and I have been enjoying the 600% bonus till now even though the campaign was stopped some months ago.

Blazing Hot🔥: Get Up To 1gb For Free On Your MTN Line

Some weeks ago, Etisalat launches 200mb free promo for their subscriber to enjoy with MyEtisalatApp. Etisalat users who have been viewing our related post would have enjoyed this amazing promo bonus. The bonus was given to any Etisalat user who downloaded​ MyEtisalatApp, installed it and signed​ up with an Etisalat sim card. And we also published a post on how to get the free MB without​ installing MyEtisalatApp. So, you can check it out.