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Latest Amazing Offers; 4.6GB For ₦200 And How To Flash With ZERO Balance

I think this year is to be called the year of promo with the network providers in Nigeria unleashing various amazing offers. Airtel Nigeria is also taking part in this promotion and they have been unleashing some interesting bonus offers which we are going to discuss here.

MyMTN App — Get 500mb for FREE!!!

Hello, visitget explorer. It's been a while since I last posted on this blog. Well, due to some personal reasons. To get straight to the the point, I'm gonna show you today how you can get your own free 500mb from MTN.

Glo Unveil Revolution, The Cheapest Data Plan

The Grand Master of data, Glo Nigeria has unleashed the highest monthly data subscription value to be enjoyed by both new and existing customers. The data volume has now been increased for about 25%, which means you will enjoy 25% more data at the same price.

How To Activate 100% Data Bonus On MTN Without Tweaking IMEI Number

The main reason why most people look desperately for browsing cheat is because of high cost of data subscription or low data subscription value. And Glo, the Grand Master of Data, has their subscription value doubled that of other Networks in Nigeria. But, what is the essence of high data value with very poor network connectivity?. Some people would even preferred to go for MTN data subscription because of the fast browsing network connectivity while others would still go for Glo even with their poor network connection.

Wow! Enjoy 8× Bonus On All Recharges Made On Your Glo Line

Glo Nigeria launches 8× bonus offer for their both new and existing prepaid subscribers. This kind of promo was previously introduced​ as Joliffic 600% bonus offer for only newly registered customers​ at the period of the bonus offer campaign. I am one of those users who registered a new Glo line at that time and I have been enjoying the 600% bonus till now even though the campaign was stopped some months ago.

Blazing Hot🔥: Get Up To 1gb For Free On Your MTN Line

Some weeks ago, Etisalat launches 200mb free promo for their subscriber to enjoy with MyEtisalatApp. Etisalat users who have been viewing our related post would have enjoyed this amazing promo bonus. The bonus was given to any Etisalat user who downloaded​ MyEtisalatApp, installed it and signed​ up with an Etisalat sim card. And we also published a post on how to get the free MB without​ installing MyEtisalatApp. So, you can check it out.

You Can Now Subscribe For MTN Social Bundles Plans At N25 Weekly And N60 Monthly

Being social is one of the greatest reasons we use smartphones. Chatting or sharing, liking, reacting and commenting on posts, photos e.t.c on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and/or 2go have become our daily tasks. Since we all love it, don't we?. Yes! we do. But, everything we do require megabytes and for us to stay connected to our social media accounts. 

Get Free 200MB On Your Etisalat Line Without Installing MyEtisalat Mobile App

Not long ago, we published a post on how to get 200MB for free by installing MyEtisalat Mobile App on your phone and registering with your Etisalat SIM card. But, in today's tutorial is another way you can get the free 200MB reward without installing the app.

FREE Bonus! Get Free 200MB With Your Etisalat Line

You have an android phone or iPhone and an Etisalat SIM card?. Wow!, you are eligible to get free 200MB on your line. Etisalat Nigeria is giving out 200MB to their customers. It is not a cheat or trick, and what is it? It is a gift from Etisalat. Just download and register on MyEtisalat Mobile App and you are good to go. This was made known on Etisalat Nigeria Facebook Fan Page, so don't be left out of this amazing bonus. The free bonus will be received 24 hours after successful registration on MyEtisalat Mobile App.

How to Get Your Free 200MB Bonus On Etisalat

  • Download MyEtisalat Mobile App on Google Play Store by clicking here or download it on iTunes here
  • After successful download, install and launch it.
  • Register/sign-up on the app using your etisalat line, then you will receive your free data bonus.
  • 200MB reward is applied after 24 hours upon successful registration.
  • You don't have to worry about eligibility because the offer is open to all customers.
That's all, start enjoying your free bonus.

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Free Browsing And Downloading On Glo Using AnonyTun VPN App

Updated: This post has been updated with the direct link to download AnonyTun app. 

This is latest free browsing cheat you can use to browse and download for free with your Glo line. As we all know that Glo is the grand master for free browsing cheat and data subscription. You can subscribe to Glo 3.2 GB for #1000 only. They have the lowest data subscription and they don't zap data like Airtel.

But these are all stories, let's focus on our topic for today and that is how to browse and download free with Glo without frequent disconnection. Yes!, it can be achieved with this new VPN App called AnonyTun. This app is available on Google Play Store, easy to download and easier to play with. With little settings in this app, you will start enjoying your free browsing and downloading with your Glo line.

As I have said earlier, the problem of frequent disconnection have been solved with this app, and if there is any disconnection,  it will automatically reconnect in seconds. Also,  this app doesn't take time to connect your VPN like other VPN apps. But  you will need a strong Glo 3G network to enjoy this cheat. We all know Glo has poor network connection in some areas. So,  if you have a good Glo network connection in your area, you need to try this cheat out.

Actually, Glo network is usually good during the night. I noticed this when I travelled to an area with poor Glo network connection. The strong 3G connection is usually between 11:45pm to 7:45am and I used to enjoy my browsing speed during this time. So, check it out if this happens in your area also.

Having clear that up, let's go to the step by step guide on how to use AnonyTun app to browse and download for free. The first thing you need to do is to create a new access point for this cheat.

How To Set New Access Point Name
==>Go to Settings>>(More)>>Mobile Network>>SIM1 or SIM2 Network Settings>>Access Point Name. Click the ➕ icon or 3dots at the top right corner then click Add New. 

Configure your Access Point Name(APN) Settings as follows...
=>APN Name: VisitGet
=>APN: glodirect
=>APN Type: tick Default and Supl
=>Proxy and Port: leave them blank
=>Username: flat
=>Password: flat
=>Click Save and make sure this newly created APN is chosen i.e ticked.

How To Configure AnonyTun VPN App 

  • Click here to download AnonyTun app.
  • After successful download, install and launch it. 
  • Click on Stealth Settings.
  • Turn on Stealth Tunnel.
  • Change Connection Protocol to HTTP.
  • Set Connection Port to 80.
  • Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers.
  • Now, click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers.
And use below settings:
  • URL/Host:
  • Request method: POST.
  • Injection method: Normal.
  • Tick User-Agent.
  • Leave other boxes un-ticked.
  • Click on Generate.
  • Then, click Save.
  • Click on Connect, and wait few seconds for AnonyTun to connect. 
  • After successful connection, fire up any browser and start enjoying your unlimited free browsing and downloading.
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Wow! Airtel Launches 20X Voice And Data Bonus Offer Get #2,000 With Just #100

Get your old Airtel sim that you have not been using for not less than 30 days now. Why?. You need to enjoy amazing bonus from Airtel. Airtel launches 20× bonus for their customers. This Airtel 20X bonus is a special offer for those who have not been using their Airtel sim for 30days or more because this will definitely win back all their customers to the network and if your sim has not reached at least a month i.e 30 days,  means you are not eligible to use this offer. The bonus is divided into two (2): voice and data bonus, so it can be used to call and browse the internet. The voice bonus takes 25% of the bonus while the data bonus takes 75% and has a 30 days validity.

Latest Bonus Offers On Airtel: Doubled​ Data Bonus And 800% Bonus

Wow! Airtel is now giving amazing bonus to their customers. Today, i will be introducing to you two (2) great bonus you can enjoy on Airtel network. The first one is the double data bonus which you can enjoy on any sim, be it new or old. Airtel introduced a new tariff plan called Triple Surf to enjoy this bonus. The new Airtel Triple Surf plan doubles all data subscriptions you made after activation. This plan is available for both new and existing customers. This one doesn't requires tweaking of phone IMEI number and it is very simple to activate.

Get FREE 500% Call Bonus On Every Recharge On MTN StartPack

MTN introduce a new tariff plan called StartPack which allows newly registered users to enjoy 500% bonus on their MTN line. You have to register a new MTN sim now to enjoy this free bonus. The bonus offer is applied to all recharges of #100(NGN) and above. The more you loads, the more you get your bonus. Make free calls as long as you wants. You will not be able to enjoy this free bonus anymore if you migrate out of this plan. Buy your MTN line today!!!. After successful registration and activation of your MTN line, your line will automatically be on StartPack plan. Below are the exciting offers you will get when you opt in for MTN StartPack plan.

Browse And Download For Free With Your Glo Line

Glo free browsing cheats have been saving my pocket from high cost of data subscriptions. Even though with their poor network connection, we still enjoy them for their free browsing. They are Nigeria No.1 network provider for free browsing cheats. Now, let's get down to business.

Airtel Has Discontinued Weekend Data Plan: What To Do?

Let us observe a one-minute silence as Airtel discontinued our pocket-saving weekend data plan. This particular weekend data plan of 1GB for N100 was one of its kind, as you can accumulate the data upon exhausting the current data. If you were eligible for the Airtel weekend plan, you'll agree with me that it's a pocket-saving data plan.

How To Use More Than 350mb On The New Etisalat Tweakware Vpn With The Free Servers

Do you know that you can use more than the 350MB daily Tweakware limit? Yea! there is  another latest or new Etisalat free browsing cheat called Remote Tweak and is not everyone, that knows how to use more than the daily limit. So in this tutorial, I will be writing on how to use more than 5GB with this latest Etisalat remote tweak free browsing on Tweakware vpn.

How To Browse And Download With New Etisalat Tweakware Vpn

You can now download, surf, browse, stream online videos, play online games, watch live videos and others, using latest Tweakware version 5.8 and future versions. In this lastest Tweakware version, it has a new feature called Remote Tweak, it can be used to browse for free without paying a dime and is unlimited.

Browse Free With Unlimited WhatsApp Bundle On Psiphon VPN Using South Africa Cell C

You can now browse, Surf, Stream online videos with WhatsApp Bundle on Psiphon VPN Using South Africa Cell C. However, Cell C is Mobile network provider, offering a wide range of services like data and calls to all their customers including unlimited WhatsApp Bundle that allows users to access only WhatsApp App and website without powering the whole app.

Latest Airtel Bonus Offer: Get #2,000 For Just N100

Airtel now offering 20 times value of your recharge. As I was surfing on my facebook newsfeed today, I stumbled on Airtel sponsored post concerning the offer. It's really amazing!

Below was the statement from Airtel Nigeria;
"The search is on! Get your Airtel SIM back on if you haven’t used it for 30 days or more to enjoy 20 times the value of your recharge. Recharge N100, Dial *241# and get N2,000." 

As shown below;

So you can now recharge 100naira and get N2,000 by dialing *241# and some comments makes me think it depends on eligibility. So get yours now! while it still last.

Get 100% Data Bonus on Etisalat Easycliq Breakfree

Etisalat has launched another new offer for the Easycliq subscribers alone. This offer came in 3 packages of which you can choose from. I'm sure you would love to opt-in for this offer.