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Latest Amazing Offers; 4.6GB For ₦200 And How To Flash With ZERO Balance

I think this year is to be called the year of promo with the network providers in Nigeria unleashing various amazing offers. Airtel Nigeria is also taking part in this promotion and they have been unleashing some interesting bonus offers which we are going to discuss here.

How To Get The Link To An App On Google Play Store

For a blog writer, it may be required sometimes to share an app with your audience by providing the direct link to download the app on Google Play Store. You may not possibly be able to get the link through your search engine. If you are very curious on how to get the link to an app on Google play store, then you may need to follow along through this tutorial.

How To Download Asian Drama/Movies For Free

Are you a K-drama addict?. Do you love watching any of the Asian dramas?. And do you wish you could be able to download those dramas/movies for free!?.

There are many websites out there where you can stream any of the Asian dramas/movies online but most of them do not allow these videos to be downloadable. Some that allow might also require users to subscribe to the website and which is not normally free. 

Today, I will be introducing some websites and an Android app that can be used to stream any of the Asian dramas and movies online and also download them to your computer or phone.

IpayAirtime — How To Easily Convert Airtime To Cash

Over the time, it has actually been hard to convert your airtime to cash because the service is not supported by the network providers in Nigeria. And that is why some third parties try to create a workaround for this service. But, most of them does not work efficiently and/or satisfactorily.

For a business man or even an individual, it may sometimes becomes very urgent or let me say important to convert your airtime to cash. A business man receiving or wanting to receive airtime as payment for some service will obviously want a way to convert this huge airtime into cash. Also, you might need some little cash to be transferred to your bank account so that you will be able to withdraw the bigger one.

Whichever way you have gone to get a load of airtime on your phone, it's a fact that the service I am going to introduce to you will definitely be of much benefits.

After I got paid for some services with airtimes, I have tried some way out to get this airtime as cash into my bank account. I found a way, and that is Zoranga. I even published a post on how to convert airtime using this service but I must confess that I am not really satisfied with their service. And now, I have come with another workaround which I think is much better than Zoranga. And that is IpayAirtime, powered by IBK Information Technology.

IpayAirtime seems to be the most efficient way to easily convert your airtime into cash and then withdraw it to your bank account. The service is surprisingly fast. I am telling you, you are definitely going to love it. Not just that, the charges is small when compared to other service out there.

Don't Miss The Date!!!. Jumia Shocking Discounts On Electronics

Jumia, the No. 1 Africa online shopping mall, is here again with great deals on all electronics appliances. Up to 60% off the original price from Sept. 17th to 30th. You can't imagine the savings.

You Can Now Subscribe For MTN Social Bundles Plans At N25 Weekly And N60 Monthly

Being social is one of the greatest reasons we use smartphones. Chatting or sharing, liking, reacting and commenting on posts, photos e.t.c on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and/or 2go have become our daily tasks. Since we all love it, don't we?. Yes! we do. But, everything we do require megabytes and for us to stay connected to our social media accounts. 

How to Recover Deleted Pictures From Your Android or iOS Device

Those sad feelings you have when you mistakenly delete a picture will become happy ones with today's tutorial of recovering deleted pictures from your android or iOS device. It's a common action of we human to make mistakes. And when we made one, we always find a way to get out of it. But in the case of deleting pictures from your phone, whether mistakenly or not, might seems impossible to recover those pictures.

Your precious pictures that you have valued so much has now got deleted accidentally or was it your child that got his/her hand on your phone and wipe everything clean?. This days, technology has been able to solve many of our problems and it now has a way to recover your lost items.

Download The Best File Manager App For Android

Some android phones come with an in-built file manager to perform basic file managing operations while some does not come with it. The in-built file manager app can only perform simple task. But there are more powerful operations you may want to perform with a file manager like installing obb files for Android HD games, extracting apk files from installed app or performing basic operations in a fast and easy way (e.g batch deleting or moving of files). Also, if you are a blogger, you can use file manager to edit your blog template code. View our guide on how to edit blog theme with your android phone.

An App To Share Files Between Your Android Phone And PC Also Control Your Phone Remotely

The common ways of transferring files between a phone and PC is via USB cable and Bluetooth. But now, technology has made things easier, so you can now transfer files from your phone to PC using third party apps installed on the phone. I am going to introduce one of those apps today. The most interesting part is that this app can also be used to control your android phone remotely through your PC. 

How To Transfer Apk Files Through WhatsApp

You have wished you could be able to transfer apps through WhatsApp to your distant friends, but it seems impossible, right?. Don't be upset, because today's tutorial will make that thing looking impossible to be possible. 

Download The Best Keyboard App For Android/iOS Device

A phone's keyboard is a virtual keyboard used for typing. Typing is an important aspect of mobile phone. All android phones come with an in-built keyboard that can be used to type but not faster. A pro android/iOS device user can not stick to the keyboard that came as in-built app on the phone. For you to enjoy your typing and to have the best typing experience, we have bring to you the six (6) best keyboard apps for android/iOS. All of these keyboard app are compatible with android phone, but only some can be used on iOS device. All of them are downloadable on Google Play Store and they are easy to install.

Top 3 Android Browsers​ With Their Amazing Features

Browsing is one of the main purpose of using Smartphones. For the best experience and to get the most out of the web, we need the best browser for easy and advanced surfing of the internet. This is our list of the top 3 browsers for android. All of them are easy to install and downloadable on Google Play Store.

USSD Codes For Performing Bank Transactions Easily

Here I come with an​ easy way to perform bank transactions with your mobile phone. Yes, you can now transfer money or perform any other transaction from your phone by dialing your bank's USSD codes. Below is the list of Nigeria banks  with their respective short USSD code for initiating a transaction. After dialling the code, a menu will appear, so you can choose/select from the list of options available for​ the line you registered with. You can open an account, pay bills, generate otp, check account balance, transfer funds and perform some other transactions.

The 9 Best Screen Recorders for Android

So, you want to post a tutorial online with the video of the display on your phone screen and you don't know how to go about it, or you are a game lover like me and want to share to your friends how good you are. Then, this tutorial is for you. One of the greatest tragedies of the modern world is to accomplish something legendary and not have someone witness your crowning glory. All a modern gamer wants, apart from doing his heroic deeds (Killing that evil Dragon, solving that unsolvable puzzle, etc.) is to have people witness those deeds in action. Raising your hands and shouting ‘sweet!’ can truly become sweeter if you can record your Android Game screen for bragging rights later. Or, better still, broadcast your game live and really shut your nerd friends/enemies up, who thought that you cheat-hacked your way through that impossible level.
Facebook Live Video Now Available On Desktop/Laptop

Facebook Live Video Now Available On Desktop/Laptop

Hello viewers, i hope your day is going good. As we have posted earlier about the live video feature on Android and iOS, i would like to tell you that this feature can now be used on desktop and laptop computers. You can now interact lively with your friends using the live video streaming options right on your desktop/laptop computers. Facebook announced this feature some days ago and now it's been fully launched for desktop/laptop users. This feature can not be compared with that of your mobile device because of its stable camera standby with higher quality. I know you will definitely love this live video streaming on your desktop or laptop. Please note that the feature is available for PC users also. Facebook really loves to keep their users entertained with amazing features. These live video streaming can be used on any of your device- laptop, desktop, Android, iOS or PC.

WhatsApp Decided To Bring Back Text Status To Their Messenger App

Unbelievable! Last month, WhatsApp removed the text status update and replaced it with Snapchat clones stories which resulted in backlash from users because the text status was well used than the latest Snapchat stories. However, the Snapchat clones stories will soon be replaced by WhatsApp to a text status according to a report from Techcrunch. The Beta of the Android app even include the feature and will roll out soon to everyone in the next few weeks. iOS users will get it later.

Facebook Introduce Messenger Day Feature In Messenger App

Facebook CEO -Mark Zuckerberg- after adding SnapChat-like status feature to Whatsapp Messenger, he has also copied that same feature and brought it to his official Messenger app and called it "Messenger Day".

Best Apps To Download YouTube Videos On Android Or PC

As an Android phone or Android tablet user, you may need to find a number of YouTube downloader apps from Google Play Store to stream and download online YouTube videos. Always, it is difficult to find a best and most fitting software.

Best Websites To Download YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the most popular and largest video sharing sites where you can easily watch different type’s videos. You can easily watch millions of movies, music, tutorials etc. on YouTube in different language.

MTN Call Me Is Still On!: Wow! Get Your Own Surprise From MTN

You urgently need to call someone but you have run out of airtime? Y’ello Flashers! MTN Call Me Back service just got better. No need to remember the long codes. Call Me Back is the fastest way to get family and friends to call you when out of airtime or during an emergency.