Glo Unveil Revolution, The Cheapest Data Plan

The Grand Master of data, Glo Nigeria has unleashed the highest monthly data subscription value to be enjoyed by both new and existing customers. The data volume has now been increased for about 25%, which means you will enjoy 25% more data at the same price.

It's well known that Glo doesn't zap data like other network but the problem of network connection still remains. Even though they have improved the network service in some areas, some places still lack good network connectivity. For this reason, it's more advisable to check for the level of connectivity of Glo network before subscribing to any of their plans. Usually, Glo network connection is very fast between 12:00am to 9:00am.

Glo Revolution Huge Monthly Data Plans

  1. N1000 gives 4GB of data
  2. N2000 gives 9.5GB of data
  3. N2500 gives 12.5GB of data
  4. N3000 gives 15GB of data
  5. N4000 gives 24GB of data
  6. N5000 gives 30GB of data
  7. N8000 gives 55GB of data
  8. N10000 gives 75GB of data
  9. N15000 gives 120GB of data
  10. N18000 gives 150GB of data
  11. N20000 gives 180GB of data

To subscribe for the Glo data plans, some points needs to be noted.
  • Glo gives less data value on first subscription
  • The huge data value is applicable for new users or consecutive renew of data subscriptions.
  • Your subscription must be renewed within 3 days to start/keep enjoying the huge data value.
  • You will get less data value if you failed to renew your data subscription.
  • All the data plans are valid for 30 days.
The below data value is what you get on first subscription or if you failed to renew the subscription plans.

Glo Less Data Values On First Subscription

  1. N1000 gives 1.6GB
  2. N2000 gives 3.75GB
  3. N2500 gives 5GB
  4. N3000 gives 6GB
  5. N1000 gives 9.5GB
  6. N5000 gives 12GB
  7. N8000 gives 22GB
  8. N10000 gives 50GB
  9. N18000 gives 100GB
  10. N20000 gives 120GB
How To Subscribe
Dial *777# and follow the message prompt.
How To Check Balance
You can also use the given code to check your data balance or dial *606*3*1#.

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