How To Activate 100% Data Bonus On MTN Without Tweaking IMEI Number

The main reason why most people look desperately for browsing cheat is because of high cost of data subscription or low data subscription value. And Glo, the Grand Master of Data, has their subscription value doubled that of other Networks in Nigeria. But, what is the essence of high data value with very poor network connectivity?. Some people would even preferred to go for MTN data subscription because of the fast browsing network connectivity while others would still go for Glo even with their poor network connection.

I preferred Glo data subscription to that of MTN because I have a way I used to consume my data subscription value before the end of the validity period. And moreover, their data value is more than doubled that of MTN. You can't really compare a data subscription of 3.2GB data value for just N1000 with a subscription of 1.5GB at the same price and with same validity period. Or what reason could there be more?.

Nevertheless, some people are enjoying doubled data value for MTN subscription through the tweaking of their phone's IMEI number which might seems dangerous to others. You know... Rooting of android phone which voids the warranty of the phone, some people can't afford to do this. And now, changing the phone's​ IMEI number which may seems very risky to do. It also requires tricky steps which can brick your android phone 一this is what people are mostly afraid of.

I am also not among those enjoying the MTN doubled data bonus not because I am afraid of tweaking my phone IMEI number... lol, but because I am having a phone that is not easy to tweak its IMEI number. A non-MTK android device.

However, I am going to introduce a trick today which can be used to activate the 100% or doubled data value bonus on MTN without tweaking your phone IMEI number. It requires just texting some messages to get the bonus. So now, everybody can enjoy this amazing data value bonus.

Those using phones that are very stubborn to tweak and those having the fear of bricking/losing their phone warrant when changed the original IMEI can benefit from this amazing offer. Blackberry, Windows phone and iOS users can as well benefit from this new offer.

To acquire this new 100% data bonus offer, follow the simple steps analyzed below to get it done.

How To Activate The New MTN Double Data Bonus Offer

Simply go to your SMS messaging app, then...
  1. Send DOUBLE to 131
  2. Send PROMO to 131
  3. Send FREE to 131

Now, you are going to receive some messages reply from MTN. Which are:
"Your request has been received and is being processed please do not resend your request."
You can receive the above message more than one time.
"Dear customer, You have sent an invalid command"
The above message may be received once. And lastly,
"Dear Customer, enjoy Data offers on MTN Deal Zone, dial *131*1#"
This last message is the confirmation that you have successfully activated the MTN doubled data value bonus. If you do not receive this message or what you received​ is contrary to the message above, retry the above method again. If after retrying, you do not receive the message, it means your SIM is not eligible for this bonus offer, so don’t waste your money in subscribing for data.

After receiving the last message, you can then purchase the data plan of your choice by dialing *131*1# and enjoy your double data bonus. You can start with small data plans such as the 50mb for N100 and check the balance, if the bonus is there, you can proceed with other higher plans.

How To Check Data Bonus Balance
  • You can check your data and bonus balance by texting 2 to 131 or dialling *131# then reply with 4.
You shouldn't forget to drop your testimony, if the above method works for you. The comment box can be found below. And remember to use the share buttons for the benefit of others. Thanks

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